About Stormwater

Johnson County encourages individual homeowners and businesses to make improvements to their properties to aid in stormwater quality. 


What is Stormwater?
Stormwater is water from rain or melting snow that is not absorbed by the ground. Water runs off rooftops, driveways and other hard surfaces, but it also runs off yards. Any water not absorbed into the ground where it lands is stormwater.  

Where does Stormwater runoff go?
Stormwater runoff picks up all kinds of pollutants like chemicals, litter, and other residues and flows directly into our streams, rivers, and lakes. This water is not treated or slowed before reaching these waterways which causes water pollution, flooding, and land erosion.  

How can I help improve stormwater quality?
You can help protect our waterways from pollution and excess runoff by implementing sustainable landscape solutions. Non-native grasses and plants do not have the deep root systems that native plants and trees grow. These deep root systems allow the water to be better absorbed or filters pollutants from stormwater before it reaches our waterways. Installing rain gardens or rain barrels help capture rain where it lands, reducing the need for using tap water for watering. Planting trees, or rain gardens with native plants and installing rain barrels for irrigating your landscape naturally improve stormwater quality.

Why participate in Contain the Rain?
Johnson County recognizes the key role its citizens play in controlling and improving stormwater. The County provides an opportunity for each city within to apply for grant funds to financially assist residents to implement sustainable landscape solutions.

Homeowners in participating cities could be eligible for up to 50% reimbursement on sustainable landscape projects! Contain the Rain in Johnson County could allow you to make improvements on your property and receive money back! You are improving your landscape, helping the environment, and supporting natural wildlife. It’s a win, win, win!

How do I participate?
If your city is listed to the right, click on the name to find the requirements of their program. Each city administers the funding for its individual reimbursement program. Be sure to verify what is eligible and how to apply before you begin your project.


Each city administers the funding for its individual reimbursement program. Please click on your city below to learn how to apply for your reimbursement.

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